Flowdometer, The Intelligent Showerhead



Product concept developed while an undergraduate student at BYU.

Developed in an intensive 3-week product design course at the National University of Singapore (Summer 2011), the Flowdometer is a showerhead that alerts you of your water use as you shower.

I like to think that this project was the inspiration for subsequent work by the National University of Singapore and a later call from the Singaporean public works for proposals to develop smart shower-heads to provide real-time feedback of water use.


Collaborators: Wyatt Felt (BYU), Rahul Koneru (NUS), Joel Cheong (NUS), Hannah Spece (Penn State)


Posterbot is a robot I built in the right after I graduated from high school (Summer 2007). It draws simple B&W bitmaps onto poster paper using a marker.

  • Details on Instructables   (over 53,000 views)
  • Featured on Engadget, Make, and Hackaday.
  • Was the inspiration for GaTech’s PrintBot, a robot now in the iRobot Hall of Fame
  • One of ten one of ten 3rd prize winners in Instructables.com’s “iRobot Create Challenge”
  • Relied on spare parts taken from a printer and an iRobot Create given to me as part of a “Scholarship kit” from Instructables