Pachyonychia Congenita (PC) Shoe


2012-13 Academic Year

I took the unusual step of proposing my own senior design project for my BS degree. The idea we had was to design a device to relieve pressure from the soles of patients with Pachyonychia Congenita (PC), a rare skin condition. Thanks to the support of PC Project and BYU, our team was able to identify a commercially available brace that we adapted for PC.

Learn more about the project at BYU Capstone.

Learn more about our solution at

IR Inspectable Fuel Cell


This was work I completed during the summer of 2013 as a SULI intern at the National Renewable Energy Lab. The goal is to use the heat signature from the catalysis of escaping hydrogen to study the development of flaws in the electrolytic membranes of fuel cells.


Bender, Guido, Wyatt Felt, and Michael Ulsh. “Detecting and localizing failure points in proton exchange membrane fuel cells using IR thermography.” Journal of Power Sources 253 (2014): 224-229.


Electromagnetic Excitation of Fuel Cell Materials

While working as an intern at the National Renewable Energy Lab (thanks to the DOE’s SULI program, Summer 2012). I developed some ideas on how to excite the thin, conductive materials used to make up the electrodes of PEM fuel cells.

My report led to a winning entry in’s contest seeking important uses for Terrahertz technology sponsored by Oxford Instruments.


Flowdometer, The Intelligent Showerhead



Product concept developed while an undergraduate student at BYU.

Developed in an intensive 3-week product design course at the National University of Singapore (Summer 2011), the Flowdometer is a showerhead that alerts you of your water use as you shower.

I like to think that this project was the inspiration for subsequent work by the National University of Singapore and a later call from the Singaporean public works for proposals to develop smart shower-heads to provide real-time feedback of water use.


Collaborators: Wyatt Felt (BYU), Rahul Koneru (NUS), Joel Cheong (NUS), Hannah Spece (Penn State)


Posterbot is a robot I built in the right after I graduated from high school (Summer 2007). It draws simple B&W bitmaps onto poster paper using a marker.

  • Details on Instructables   (over 53,000 views)
  • Featured on Engadget, Make, and Hackaday.
  • Was the inspiration for GaTech’s PrintBot, a robot now in the iRobot Hall of Fame
  • One of ten one of ten 3rd prize winners in’s “iRobot Create Challenge”
  • Relied on spare parts taken from a printer and an iRobot Create given to me as part of a “Scholarship kit” from Instructables