Experience Summary

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Scientific Collaborator (Postdoc) (Reconfigurable Robotics Lab (RRL), with Prof. Jamie Paik (EPFL) Start Date: August 15, 2017)



Graduate Research Fellow with the National Science Foundation (NSF GRFP, see news release, 2014- 2017)

Finalist for the Best Systems Paper in Memory of Seth Teller (Robotics: Science & Systems 2017)

Recipient of the 2015 Prize for Contributions to Soft Robotics Research (Soft Robotics Toolkit, Harvard)

PhD, MS, Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan
with Professor C. David Remy (RAMlab)   (2013 – August 2017)

Part-time Instructor of Product Design, Eastern Michigan University (Winter 2017, Concurrent with PhD)

Head of Product Development at Owlet Baby Monitors (August 2012 – May 2013)

Led team to develop wireless “smart-sock” to monitor pulse and blood oxygen levels in infants

1st Place and Crowd Favorite in BYU Student Innovator of the Year (SIOY) competition (2013)


Student Innovator of the Year Competition, November 8,2012 Jaren Wilkey/BYU© BYU PHOTO 2012 All Rights Reservedphoto@byu.edu (801)422-7322

Crocker Innovation Fellow (2012)

A year-long program to cultivate cross-disciplinary innovation in promising students.

Winner of Marblar.com innovation challenge, (Feb 2013)

Research Intern at NREL in Hydrogen Fuel Cell Group with the DOE’s SULI program.  (Summer 2012)

Investigated the effects of manufacturing flaws on life and performance of PEM fuel cells. See poster and ECS conference presentation. Initiated research into contact-less defect detection method. See paper.

Intern at iRobot with the SUGV 320 team (Summer 2011).

Designed and Programmed fixture to automate a previously tedious testing process. Investigated clutch behavior in actuators and successfully designed and tested unique design options.

Developed Posterbot

An award winning Robot with help from iRobot Corporation and Instructables.com

Won the 2007 National Technology Bowl with the Technology Student Association (TSA)