Soft, Self-Sensing Actuators (via inductance)

Learn More at the RAMlab website

By using an electrical circuit of flexible wires to reinforce a soft actuator, the length of the actuator can be measured through the inductance of the circuit.

My “Smart Braid” inductance sensing techniques for McKibben muscles were awarded the 2015 Prize for the Contributions in Soft Robotics Research (Soft Robotics Toolkit). See the paper here.

I developed inductance sensing techniques for the continuum joints of this bellows-driven robot built by Pneubotics.

This technique was extended to bellows actuators (in collaboration with Pneubotics) and was a finalist for the Best Systems Paper in Memory of Seth Teller at the 2017 Robotics: Science & Systems conference.


My PhD dissertation, “Sensing Methods for Soft Robotics,” explores this topic more thoroughly.

From: Felt, W., Chin, K.Y., and Remy, C.D., 2017, “Smart Braid Feedback for the Closed-Loop Control of Soft Robotic Systems”, Soft Robotics, 4(3):261-273



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